Principle of operation

Electronic technology that implements the laws of electrical engineering in an innovative and effective way to achieve an accurate control of the voltage and a consequent saving of electricity.

e.saver improves the quality of the electricity supply by reducing the variability of the mains voltage and flattening the peaks: waste and energy losses are reduced with a positive effect on the reliability and durability of the installed equipment (for example motors and lamps).

Dynamic-coils technology

The technology uses special transformers, called dynamic coils, controlled by a microprocessor.

Consumption reduction graph

When e.saver is active (ON status) the voltage is immediately adjusted and as a consequence there is an immediate reduction in the power absorbed.

Reliability and security

Quality components ensure maximum reliability and safety, it is also equipped with a bypass device to guarantee the absolute operational continuity of the system.

How it is installed

The installation of e.saver is very simple and does not require any particular changes to the system.
It is installed in series to the electric line that feeds the “to be efficient” loads, in many cases immediately downstream of the electricity supply counter.
There is no need to provide additional protection devices, as long as those already installed in the system are sufficient.
e.saver is even more advantageous when the photovoltaic system is installed in the plant.

Certified and patented technology

e.saver in Italy has obtained a Patent for Industrial Invention and the recognition of performances on different types of loads: inductive, resistive and electric motors from the Polytechnic of Turin.

Technical data

e.saver 20 e.saver 40 e.saver 75 e.saver 100
Nominal power [kVA] 20 40 75 100
Nominal tension [V] 400 (3F+N+T) – 50 Hz
Tension range [V] 380 - 440
Maximum applicable voltage [V] 500
Efficiency [%] 99 %
Internal consumption [W] 70 70 100 100
Energy counter Optional Class B
TA 63/5 Cl. 1 80/5 Cl. 1 200/5 Cl. 0,5 200/5 Cl. 0,5
Operating temperature [°C] 5-45 5-50
Relative humidity 0 - 95%
Degree of protection IP 21
Ventilation Natural Forced
Max By-Pass current [A] 40 (@40 °C) 125 (@40 °C) 125 (@40 °C) 250 (@40 °C)
DC current [kA] 6 3 5 8
Dimensions L x A x P [cm] 47x60x22 53x51,5x35,5 68x74,2x46,5 75x79x49
Weight [kg] 58 93 158 186
Laying type Wall On the floor
Certifications CE; IEC/EN61558; IEC/EN 61000; IEC/EN 61439
Warranty 2 years